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Your success is our expertise
E.E.P.D. develops and produces industrial grade custom industrial PC systems and panel PCs and has acquired a strong expertise in optimizing all aspect of the process. Our technology roots date back to the year 1988.

Your idea becoming reality
E.E.P.D. assists customers in every phase of the development process. We start with open discussions to properly understand and define your requirements. Our electrical and mechanical engineering teams will propose the best possible solution for your application.

Everything made in Germany
E.E.P.D.’s pride in its German roots is visible thru its commitment to provide outstanding services and very high quality products, MADE IN GERMANY. During all phases, from concept all the way to the product delivery to our customers, E.E.P.D. shows its commitment to nothing less than excellence. 

Your right to quality
Prototyping and rigorous tests are performed during development, paving the way to a high quality and cost effective mass production product at our own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Test stations, shock and EMC tests qualifications, in-house laboratories and support in product certification complement EMTrust’s services. Our quality management team constantly monitors all running processes to ensure best of class products. 

Our credo
We are a one-stop shop - from an idea to a final product delivered to your door.
Stay competitive with MADE IN GERMANY.


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