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EM Tough

The EM Tough product family consists of industrial PCs and a USB hub that can be easily expanded with different USB interface modules out of the EM Module Selection. EM Tough units are based on modern processor technology. They are ideally suited for use in harsh environments like automation, control engineering, communication, medical technology, facility automation as well as machinery and mechanical engineering.

Convince yourself:

The rugged EM Tough-Box-Modular TB-M is a fanless, modular Industrial-PC (24/7 IPC) and as a Plug&Play - system solution and amoung other things an alternative for CompactPCI-Systems.
Our TB-M is based on energy efficient Dual- and Quad-Core-Variants from AMDs Embedded G-Series SOC-CPU family with clock rates up to 1,5 GHz.


Commercial temperatur range (0°C - +60°C):
DualCore: AMD GE210HICJ23HM / GX-210HA - 2 x 1.0 GHz
QuadCore: AMD GE415GIBJ44HM / GX-415GA - 4 x 1.5 GHz

Industrial temperatur range (-40°C - +85°C):
DualCore: AMD GE209HISJ23HM / GX-209HA - 2 x 1.0 GHz

In a compact chassis, base model of the modular system already offers following interfaces:
- Up to 6 x USB 3.0 + 4 x USB 2.0
- 3 Gigabit Ethernet ports
- 1 x MicroSD slot
- 1 x DVI-I monitor connector
- 7 x control / signal LED
- Microphone + Headphone jack (Audio OUT) / 3.5mm jack plug
- External antenna connection
- 3pin power supply connector (Phoenix) / 8V - 32V DC wide input range

The TB-M can be supplemented by a guide rail with which various USB modules can be connected and fixed (lockable).
Thus, an individual extension by different functions is possible, such as:
- Seriel Interfaces - Modules M232 (RS-232), M485 (RS-485), MCAN (CAN 2.0 A/B)
- Wireless / Ethernet options - Module METH (1Gbit Ethernet), MUMT (3G / 4G UMTS / GPS), Wifi (Mini-PCIe)
- Digital I/O-Ports - Modules MMC (Mini-PCIe), MGPI (GPIO, IEC61131-2 I/O + Analog Input)
and much more..

The compact Box PC is characterized by high quality, reliability and long-term availability until approx. 2023. Due to the fanless design, it is the ideal platform for demanding applications which require a completely silent and energy-saving operation.

Examples of applications / industries:
Industrial automation - Home Automation - Backupserver for Cloud computing / Fog computing - Measurement technology - IoT Internet of Things - Point of Sale (PoS) - KIOSK - Cash point/register - Entertainment - Slot machine - Transportation - Energy management - Facility management - Traffic engineering - Control and communication system - Marine

Installation sites and type of installation:
Control cabinet - DIN-Rail - Terminal box - IP-Protection housing - Server cabinets - Wall mounting - Desk mounting


The EM Tough-Box-Hub TB-H is a rugged industrial hub for different variants of USB 3.0/2.0 modules. The TB-H offers four downstream USB 3.0 and three downstream USB 2.0 ports and an integrated 40 W power supply unit. The optional modular mounting carrier can safely connect up to seven USB modules with the system - enabling individual extension with different functions like serial interfaces, wireless options, digital I/O ports and so forth.

We offer optimum support in the integration and application and give trainings. Design, production and support "Made in Germany".


TB-14 is not recommanded for new designs.

Alternatively we suggest TB-M.